CMD pop-up

Nawaf Alhindi

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i am facing a small problem with my computer. When i use it a cmd page pops up for less than a second then it disappears. It drives me crazy sometimes when it pops up while i am using Netflix and Youtube. i hope that i can find the solution.

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Windows Forum Team
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Open a powershell prompt and type the following
  • schtasks /query /v /fo CSV | ? { $_ -like "*.bat*" }
  • schtasks /query /v /fo CSV | ? { $_ -like "*cmd*" }
If either one returns anything that could be a scheduled task running
This may not be where it's coming from.

Option two:

  • Download Process Monitor
  • Create a filter like this
  • Create filter here
You will only see events when cmd.exe is called once you get the pop up, click File and uncheck Capture events. From that you should be able to determine what is causing the popup. Optionally you can do File > Save and update the PML file and I can look at it for you.