CoD 5/Punkbuster hates W7. :/

Punkbuster kicked player (for 0 minutes) ... RESTRICTION: unknown windows API function [131134]
Has anyone else been seeing this message when they try to play?


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This is a well known issue. Evenbalance (punkbuster) says they will not support a beta operating system.

Wow, that seems pretty insane considering the number of people currently running W7 in one variant or another.


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I agree. But, what can ya do? I'd love to see how the cod4 and battlefield 2 multiplayer run on win 7.

I don't know about BF2, but CoD4 and CoD5 both ran quite nicely on W7. The only problem is you are either stuck on non-punkbuster servers with hackers, or you are playing single player.

I find it hard to believe that PB would have to do much to make it compatible with W7. :/

Those PB guys are known for being jerks about this stuff- It's a known issue that their development goals are crap :(

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I managed to fix my COD5 PB problem using these fixes. although I only edited the services. but give it a try

Update: After reading through a few other posts I went looking for the "allow to interact with desktop" that I kept reading about, but had no luck finding it. I did, however, find another solution for fixing the issue.

1) Start the game and join a server

2) Alt+tab out of the game and open task manager > Processes.

3)Navigate to "PnkBstrA.exe"

4) Right click, select "properties".

5) Click on the "Compatibility" tab.

6) Tick the box that says "Run this program in Compatibility mode for:"

7) Select "Windows Vista (Service Pack 1)"

8) Click "apply"

Go back to task manager and find "PnkBstrB.exe" and repeat the above steps.

I played for about 2 hours this morning with no PB kicks.

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