Windows 7 COD Modern Warfare 2

My "display has stopped working but recovered". I have been told it is not a problem with my vid card but rather Win 7. Can anyone verify this.

MSI K9 CF-F motherboard
Corsair ram 4 gigs DDR2
Diamond HD 3970 512 ram vid card
AMD Phenom quad core cpu
WD 500 gig sata hd


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that error is usually bad video drivers

that error is usually bad video drivers
I did find that reverting back to Catalyst 9.10 and having my game at the resolution of my desktop, it hasnt crashed yet. Keeping fingers crossed.:cool:

So far so good. I havent had the issue yet and have been playing. It would have happened by now, so must have done the trick. Not sure if it was drivers or not, but will find out.

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