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fourzerotwo from Infinity Ward has confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 WILL NO HAVE DEDICATED SERVERS for PC. DEAL BREAKER Instead it will behave like consoles and connect to listen servers on some IW.Net rubbish.
This will also mean no mods, custom maps and charged DLC. No clan servers either.

No way Im buying this now. Was really looking forward to it too.

Rob Bowling from Modern Warfare 2 is on to talk about IWNET. No more Dedi servers for PC.
Skip to around 1hr40

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Yup, Had a preoder on it , canceled it today, Was really looking forward to it, but this truly ruins the aspect of PC gaming. 60 bucks stays in my pocket, there lost for even deciding to do this, lot of others are canceling as well & or not purchasing it. They went from a good game MW to a crapier version codwaw & now this.


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I really hope everyone cancels their pre-order. They need to feel it in their pockets before they will change it. Really alarming trend for PC games lately, needs to be stopped now.

Heres the petition if anybody here interested.

Dedicated Servers for CoD:MW2 - Signatures

Signed n done. Hope it does something :/.

GTA4 is P2P too and I was originally the one who wrote a petition for dedicated servers as well. However, P2P did seem somewhat OK but lag was certainly an issue and people were getting disconnected for "being too slow." I remember Doom3 was P2P as well and you could only play up to like 8 players.

I'm willing to buy the game, but P2P should stay only for torrents and not venture on to gaming; gaming requires much more throughput 'horsepower' than a torrent does.

A petition isn't going to do anything. Infinity Ward is aware that dedicated servers play an important role in PC gaming. They have multiple successful releases. In my personal opinion, it seems as if they are trying to push PC users towards console gaming. Keep in mind that the same thing just happened with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. The only way that the demands of PC gamers are going to be acknowledged is if they act. I have read a lot of forums and there's a bunch of people canceling pre-orders and others who say they won't purchase the game at all. It's sad that Infinity Ward would be willing to lose so much revenue because of something like this.


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Agreed this is quite disturbing. First Operation Flashpoint 2 now Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 i mean come one people take a hint that most people still want dedicated servers. A lot of the companies just dont seem to get it.

COD-MW2 and IW's decision... a shame.

It's all about control and money. I agree with the above comments.

I am on the Bd of Directors and one of the 'Admin' of our Call of Duty-WaW/MW 'RAW: Rebels at War Old Farts Tactical' 'FPS' clan.

We have a thriving game server (currently ranked in the top 28 of over 3,000 playing according to GameTracker) and over 100 members. We had approximately over 68 pre-orders of this new Infinity-Ward COD-MW2 game. We cancelled ALL of them.

I'm quite sure nothing will come of our protest, as well as the circulating petition (last time I checked, over @ 126,000 signatures). The problem is that PC sales of the game are dwarfed by the console units sold. We have NO leverage with IW. A shame, really. We looked forward to playing the game. Now, we are exploring other possibilities for the next game to be played on our game servers.

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