CoD2 + W7 64


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Alright, so every time I try to play CoD 2 it goes fine for a while, but then outta no where it just freezes up and I gotta reboot.
I tried running it in compilable mode but that didn't work either.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hello and welcome to the forum. : )

1. Is the Power Supply Unit sufficient for your system?
2. Do you have the latest game patches?
3. Are your drivers and DX version up to date?
4. Anything you see in the event viewer?


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Thanks for the welcome,

1, Yea, I can run any other game including games like Singularity, Assassin's Creed 2 and any other part of the CoD series including MW2.

2.Yes i have with all my games.


4. Might be silly question, but whats the event viewer?

- Thanks so far, Fxs.


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I forgot to mention that it does the same with CoD4.

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