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Discussion in 'Windows Games' started by bar338, Sep 10, 2009.

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    Sep 10, 2009
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    For some reason when i'm playing multiplayer cod4 my ping is ridiculous. In the past (pre windows 7) I would get a good 40ping in most servers. However, after installing windows 7 and installing cod4 my ping is going crazy. All servers in the server browser show as 1000+ ping. When i'm in a server my ping drastically jumps from 150-999 at a fast interval.

    Things I've Tried:
    I've installed all the cod4 patches up to 1.7
    I've disabled all firewalls and antivirus

    Could this be a driver related issue? I tested my internet connection in windows 7 through and it was showing about 5 mb/s download.

    What should I try next to try to diagnose this issue?

    windows 7 rc 32bit
    2gb ram
    nvidia 8800 gts
    amd athonx2 3800+

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    You may have already done this, but uncheck all of your extra network services and protocols you don't need, like IPv6, QoS, etc. Just try the basics (File & Print, Microsoft Networks, IPv4)

    I don't think this is it, and do think it is a driver issue, but this would atleast rule the above things out.

    I assume you are wired and not wireless. If not, do all your tests wired to the switch and turn off wireless. Just make sure someone else on your network isn't downloading anything huge (especially a torrent), as I have been caught by that before.

    I hope you get it working as you only have 2 months til MW2!
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    In cod4 console > ~ <
    /snaps 30 then hit enter, see how that goes.

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