Windows 7 cod4 unplayable x64


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my cod4 is unplayable
the graphics are severly messed up

all other games play fine

amd phenom x3 2.3ghz
geforce 9600 gso
2gb of ram
Really mine works fine. You have the latest patch for it 1.7 I think? All your display drivers up to date? Try reinstalling it, might help. I installed it normally. Seems odd its just COD4 with messed up graphics

There is still no support for the PunkBuster kick problem online though and I cant see it happening on the Beta
I also have the same issue on x64 and tried different things all to no avail. Must say it works fine on x32.
It works fine for me - in single player but I download my games via STEAM so that they are always patched, - do you have all the latest patches and what settings are you using in game?
Patched to latest and tried on all resolutions and all settings. Ive even tried different graphic drivers but still the graphics are all broke up and patchy. Im sure it will be sorted for RC 1 (hope).