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is really hard at work these days and has been ramping up by adding a lot of staff, and it is no wonder because they have a lot of projects in the works. Besides Bodycount and F1 2010, we have learned that the company is also developing Dirt 3, Grid 2, and another Operation Flashpoint sequel.

The majority of the new titles will make use of the company’s EGO 2.0 engine technology, which will be first featured in F1 2010 when it is released. The company is adding more staff to deal with all of the projects; and while we have been unable to get any realistic or meaningful release date projections, we suspect that at least one or two of the announced titles -- Dirt 3, Grid 2, or the Operation Flashpoint sequel -- should see release next year.

The expansion has been made possible by a number of recent moves, including investment in the company as we told you about previously. In addition to the three announced titles, Codemasters is apparently working on some new IP which has yet to be announced.


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I read this myself yesterday and have to admit the alls looking good.. :) I love DiRT2 dearly and still play it as much now as when I first bought it so the third instalment will be more than welcome!

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