Windows 7 Color Management Issues - Please help


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Mar 3, 2013
I am having some issues with my color management. Different programs display the color considerably different. In Photoshop Lightroom and in the Windows Photo Viewer, the image shows up with a vibrant pink. Then when I made it my background image, the picture shows up as a dull pink. I even printed the file through Costco and it turned out the dull pink as in the desktop background image. I was able to capture the differences with Snipit and have attached them. I even used the X-rite i1 calibration tool, but it did not change it. I am pretty sure all of my color management setting are default other than my calibrated monitor.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Using the embedded graphics on a i5-2500k processor with 8GB ram.

Here is the vivid picture

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Here is the dull pink

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Thanks for any help. I sure am banging my head against a wall.


Are you using Adobe Gama Loader?
You should have a link to it in control panel if you are.

It is usually installed with Photoshop and starts when your computer boots.

Check and see if you can run the color setup process and see it that helps.

I use pretty much every Adobe graphics program, and I just got a new computer.

It took a while to get everything set up to match again.

I found that I was getting a conflict between my graphic cards nVidia color setup and Adobe.

I finally had to turn off Adobe color management and everything seems to match up pretty well now.

But they still don't match exactly....

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I have always used Gamma Loader in the past.

In your sample it looks like the Saturation has been reduced a lot.

So try it both ways with and without gamma loader running.


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