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Windows 7 Common Dialog Boxes display hyperlinks vs. static text


Well-Known Member
Jun 13, 2013
I have an application that calls Windows API functions to display the Common
Dialog boxes (e.g. Print Dialog, File Save As..., etc.). The Common Dialog boxes
display correctly on my own network, but I have a client who is running my
application on a Windows Server 2008 R2 application server (same code-base as
Windows 7) running terminal server accessed via Citrix. ALL entries in the
Common Dialog boxes are displayed as hyperlinks (as opposed to standard "static"
text) and as soon as a user "clicks" on a different printer (for example) in the
printer selection section of the Print Dialog box, the dialog box closes and the
user is never given the option of clicking on either the PRINT or CANCEL buttons
that are standard on this common dialog box. Personally, I've never seen this
type of behaviour before this and I really need to be able to disable this
apparent "extension" or "alteration" to the Common Dialog boxes so that they
work the way my client users expect them to. Has anyone ever seen this type of
behaviour occur in the Windows Common Dialog boxes and, if so, do you have any
insight as to what might be causing this?