Windows 7 Common issue of no sound coming out of speakers, not getting resolved as usually does


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New here, sorry if wrong category. After installing HP's BIOS update F.OF (wouldn't even show up the first time I installed although no messages came up saying it was unsuccessful), my audio has been lost on my HP Envy 2160se laptop. I've looked around and seen a lot of this, but installing the drivers again isn't working and a hard reset isn't working (hard restart? Pardon my ignorance). It's the IDT High Definition Audio driver that seems to be the problem. The microsoft one will install and sound will be fine, but the IDT won't and I'd prefer to enable Beats Audio with the settings menue (weather you think it's crap or not). The windows High Definition Audio automatically installs, even if I don't hit anything. I've tried a number of things and this just isn't working. Reinstalling from my sp folder, a new one from the HP site and HPSA. I've followed every step that I could find that sounded similar on the first several pages of google and this is a little bit of a pain. If someone wants to trouble shoot, I'm down to provide any info my noob butt left out. Thanks.