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I have a Garmin GPS connected to a USB port.
In XP I was able to see the USB ports under PORTS in the device manager and figure out which port it was connected to.
I cannot see that in W7, I can't figure out which com port the usb port represents and my mapping software only sees COM1 (a serial port) which is the only thing listed under PORTS. When it does a port scan, apparently it only scans the ones listed. I have the Garmin drivers loaded.
I am able to communicate with the GPS with other programs both Garmin and non-Garmin origin. Those programs automatically find the port and do not need a setup of selecting a port.

How do I get the USB ports to show under PORTS?????????


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I have an older Garmin 35 USB. I plugged it into my laptop and it was not recognized and there appears to be no software or drivers for it. I also do not have an application to check it.

It has been a long time, but it seems when this thing worked in XP I had to install a USB to serial driver or something along those lines, but if you have newer equipment, this may be unnecessary. The software I used the receiver with was Street Atlas USA and at one point an update was required for it to see the Garmin device. If you select a different type of device for the setup, do the allowable ports change?

But if a port was going to show up anywhere, I would think it should be in the device manager. Possibly under USB and then check properties or another entry of some type. You might need to set the view to show hidden devices if it is not listed.

I do not know if additional ports might have to be enabled in your Bios if they are not already.


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I do see the device in the USB controllers listings in device manager and also under Garmin devices.

I also have the Garmin USB drivers loaded.

I am using MS Streets and trips - maybe I will try DeLorme.

It is just that XP showed the USB ports under the serial ports and assigned a COM port number to them. W7 apparently does not so MS can't find the device.

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