Comp won't start after system restore, please help!

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    Jun 23, 2009
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    Hi All,

    I've had an issue with Windows 7 RC that is very strange and I'm struggling to find a solution to it.

    I went to install the updated drivers for my GeForce 7300 video card through Windows Update (the update appeared a few weeks ago). Anyway, before this I made a system restore point just in case. I installed the update and it worked ok. However, I then found the screen would sporadically blink strangely.

    I restarted the computer, same issue. I then, using system restore, went to restore back to the original point I created (mentioned at the start of the post). Again, it went through ok and the computer restarted.

    However, when the computer restarted it went to a black screen with just a mouse cursor (instead of the logon screen). There was hard drive activity on and off, but nothing appeared on screen,. After about 15 minutes I restarted, and same story - to the black screen with just the mouse cursor. As the mouse cursor appears, it even changes to the 'busy' icon for a few seconds and then just the white cursor. I've tried Last Known Good Configuration and also Low-video mode (640x480) but same story, black screen with mouse cursor.

    Any ideas how I might solve this? Seems like the system restore has failed or created some problem.

    Thanks everyone, appreciate your time in reading this! Andrew.

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