Compatability? problem and printing

I recently downloaded documents (word/spreadsheets) into my Windows 7 laptop from my Yahoo email attachments. My previous computer was an iMac G5, but had Windows for Mac software installed when I bought the iMac.

So a Dell tech suggested that I attach all the documents I wanted to transfer to my laptop to my email. Then download intonew machine. I did that, saved them, and they look fine on the laptop.

Problem: They will not print on my printer, just end up in the job queue or begin to print at a REALLY slow rate. Documents local to my laptop print just fine.

Can anybody help me with this problem? Can I fix this so documents will print? :(

Some of the meta data for carriage control, tabs, etc may have become corrupted or may be formatted for a mac.

Create a new document and copy and paste from the old document to the new document. Then try to print the new document.

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