Windows 7 Compatibility issue between Promise FastTrak 378 (tm) Controller and Windows 7


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After some tweaking, I finally managed to install Windows 7

My next problem is that I cant find my SATA drivers.

I think this might be the problem:

Compatibility issue between Promise FastTrak 378 (tm) Controller and Windows

Which is the message I got when I am trying to add the hardware. (Mobo: Asus K8V Deluxe).

Is it a way to work around this problem, or do I have to go back using WinXP to get to use my SATA harddrives?

Problem solved when I used the XP drivers.
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Problem solved when I used the XP drivers.

@unwill - I've also got this problem, however, my mobo is an ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe. Do you mean to say that on Windows 7 using the XP drivers works? Or do you mean that on Windows XP the XP drivers work?
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The Winxp drivers will work. I also have a P4C800 (not E-Deluxe). I couldn't find the right driver on the MB CD nor the Asus website. I did quite a few Google searches and finally found the right drivers. Once loaded, my SATA storage drive was finally recognized by Win7.
nitewulf, please can you tell me which are the right drivers.
I have a p4c800e deluxe mobo.
Thanks Jan Wolfs
This is the link where I got the drivers.
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Should be 32 and 64 bit. I used the windows xp driver and it worked fine for me.
This is assuming your are using the 376/378 Promise Fastrak controller.
Wow, am I glad I found this forum!

I have the ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe motherboard with the integrated Promise FastTrak 378 RAID controller.

I just installed Windows 7 and it didn't have a driver for the RAID controller and all my data on the RAID array was unavailable.

I checked out Microsoft's solutions, but they didn't really have any. Just said they were working with the manufacturer to check compatibility. I doubt they are doing this.

I called Promise and they said it was ASUS's issue.

I called ASUS and the tech support guy said it was an old motherboard and that they would not be writing Windows 7 drivers for it. I asked if the XP driver would work and he said no.

He was wrong. I downloaded the above file and my RAID array is now recognized by Windows 7!

Thanks so much to nitewulf for passing the work on. You just saved my bacon! :)
Glad I could be of help. I was about ready to give up when I found those drivers after hours of searching.
You mean the driver, reghakr? My harddrive has been working fine. As far as I know, these were actual drivers from Promise and were not modded.
At first the driver seemed to be OK, but I would loose the drive occasionally.

I made some major changes to the system and I figured I should pull the card out and when I out put it back in, I got the ckick of death 900.00 to revcover the data, I said screw it and tossed the card in the garbage,

If yours is newer andd hvrs Vista driver syou may be alright, but head ny warning,