Compatibility Issue with IE 7/8 Resolved.

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    In correspondence with some tests we were doing to look into possible issues with the site, a compatibility issue with older versions of Internet Explorer has been fixed. Prior to this (and unknowingly to us!) users on Windows Vista and XP using either Internet Explorer 7 or 8 may have found themselves unable to access the site. People on Internet Explorer 6 :)numbness:) may still be unable to view the site, or find it's improperly rendered.

    Mind you just because we've made changes for compatibility, that doesn't mean you should continue to use your current browser.
    IE 6 was released alongside XP in 2001. Just please don't use it, you'll be doing yourself a security favour.
    IE 7 was released alongside Vista in 2007.
    IE 8 is where compatibility for XP stops. If you're stuck on XP, please upgrade to this version.

    With Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can upgrade to the hardware accelerated, HTML5, CS3, blazing fast Internet Explorer 9.
    And if you don't use Internet Explorer? Upgrade whichever other browser you're using! :)

    Get a "better browser" today.
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