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Mar 25, 2016
When i try to install Windows 10 Pro on a 8GB hard-drive , i get the following message .It says; Compatibility report: The computer started using the windows installation media. Remove the installation media and restart your computer so that windows starts normally. Then, insert the installation media and restart the upgrade. (Do not select Icustom [advanced] to perform an upgrade Icustom [advanced] installs a new copy of windows and deletes your programs and settings.
The Drive has been there a long time , quite a few years . It has only been used for Data storage .The Dvd i used is a genuine Windows 10 Pro Dvd , which has been installed on at least 5 or 6 hard drives without any problems . I always chose to keep the files and folders option which usually works ok . So if someone on here can give a bit of help and advice to get round this problem and install Windows 10 Pro on the drive it would be very much apprieciated . Thank you very much .
If you're kicking off the upgrade from the current installation of Windows, then you wouldn't remove the media when it reboots since it would still need access to the files on the media.

You could also boot directly to the media and select Upgrade
I Think you Will have an insurmountable problem installing Windows 10 on 8 gbs?
I can't get the computer to restart , the only way I know how to restart the computer is by pressing ctrl alt del . And that dosn't work when I get the Compatibility report .I just get a box with close in it and it goes back to the installation option .
"When i try to install Windows 10 Pro on a 8GB hard-drive , i get the following message .It says; Compatibility report:"

I may be misunderstanding something in this thread - not surprising for me!
But, my post #3, you will never install Windows 10 on an 8 gb HD/ssd (i.e. It IS incompatible!!!)
nmsuk / davehc , Its a 8TB hard drive not 8GB sorry about that I must have put the incorrect size down its TB .
Yes that is amusing, you;ll need to wipe and then use GPT for it to install on a 8TB drive.
nmsuk , When you say wipe . Do you mean I will have to delete all the Data , files and folders on the drive ? .
Hello all , when i changed my new drive from Mbr to Gpt .I Ieft it over night , this morning i get Reboot and select proper Boot Device . Windows has been wiped when i tried to change it to Gpt , in the photo it shows the drive is GPT . If i install Windows 10 again will it stay on the GPT mode , or will it go back to MBR . I deleted the volumes and partitions when i changed it to Gpt hoping i would get one large space to use .I used disk management. Thank you .


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I loaded windows 10 on the new drive earlier , and its still in the GPT format . I was sure it would return to the MBR format when installed .


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