Complete PC Backup not working



I have Vista Ultimate running on a Lenovo T61 and I'm trying to do a complete PC back up image and I keep getting this error: "The backup failed. Not all volumes containing system data are included in the backup. 0x80780018" I never even starts to write data to my DVD drive. Anyone else encountered this? I was able to do a file back-up, but not the complete PC backup.


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I have a Lenovo X61 having the same backup problem regarding " complete PC backup" using the Vista backup program. I thinking it has something to do with the hidden partition Lenovo uses to "restore" their setup. Looking for a workaround.


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I did a bit of 'Googling' concerning your issue and it seems your not on your own.. In fact the more I read the more it seemed that the issue is a 'bug' in Vista.. However, this is pure speculation.. The page in question is here:
0x80780018 - Google Search=