Windows 7 Complete power off issues while playing games.


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Nov 8, 2010
Hey Guys,

I have an issue with my rig completely powering off suddenly within the first 15secs of graphics/cpu/RAM intensive games. The 2 games tested is BF3 and L4D2. UT99 works without issue.

This issue started a few days ago, here is my set up:

8 GB G-Skill 1600 RAM
256 GB Kingston SSD
1 TB Seagate HDD
Phenom II 1055t 2.8GHz CPU
Was a 630 Watt PSU when I first started having the issue, now I have upgraded to an XFX 1250 Watt PSU which is 80 Plus Gold rated. Issue persists.
XFX 7970 GHz Edition 3 GB graphics card
Asus Formula V Mobo

Here is what I have tried:
-Swapped the PSU thinking the pull from the GPU on the smaller PSU was too much during high graphics demanding games - no success
-Swapped out my Thermaltake Watercooling with the fan I used to use. (thought here was my CPU was over heating (the watercooling system was not a good one to begin with) - no success
-Resat everything (RAM, Graphics, CPU, all power to mobo, etc.) - nothing

Now, my system won't even turn on. Before it would crash, then I would have to unplug the power from PSU, wait 10 seconds for the capacitors to drain then plug back in, now after the last crash I get nothing. Before the crash I tried stress testing the GPU using MSI Komburner, ran it at 100 % for about 15minutes without over heating or crash. I also tried to stress test the CPU, no crash also.

Tonight I am going to swap out the GPU with my old 6770 to see if it helps. Also I am going to test each stick of ram and swap out with a 2 GB stick I have laying around. I also will swap PSU back to the old one to see if it powers on.

My question to you all is, is there anything else I should be looking into. Usually only extreme over heating would completely power off the PC suddenly. Is there any tool that tracks AND SAVES the temp on all components in case I am able to power it on?

Thanks guys for all your help!!!


Hi Matt,

that's a real doozy of an issue and it looks like your doing the right thing by going though each component until you find the culprit. I'd also check your power lead as well as trying a different wall socket.. You just never know!