Completing Install

Hello, I have build 7068 and I am installing it in a Virtual Machine, I gave it 1GB Ram, and a 40GB HD. Everything before the install went perfect, no problems but progress seemed to of stopped at Completing Installation. I have let it sit for about 45 minutes and no movement on the bar at all, the little dots are still moving though. Is this normal? How long should I let it sit before I just restart the installation?

What Virtualisation software are you using.
Virtual PC / Vmware Workstation, QEMU, Vmware server etc.

45 mins sound like a LONG time for "Completing Installation".

I installed build 7068 on a 1GB virtual Machine using Vmware workstation and it installed in around 15 mins.

Note: Give the Virtual Machine a SINGLE VIRTUAL PROCESSOR even though your Host machine might have a QUAD processor. It will usually work better than giving it a dual processor. Let the Host machine together with the Virtual technology in the CPU chip handle all these bits and pieces.

Ensure also that your HOST machine has enough RAM -- shouldn't be a problem if your guest VM only has 1GB (unless your Host is only a 1GB machine !!).

Incidentally if you are installing an X-64 bit OS as a guest OS on vmware check that your HOST can support a 64 bit guest -- download the utility from vmware if you are using a vmware product.

There's also BTW no probs in running a guest 64 bit machine from a Host 32 bit system so long as the CPU supports 64 bit operation. I've run Windows X-64 as a VM on Windows XP Pro (32 bit). The only problem here of course is the Host machine can only "See" up to around 3.35 GB RAM even on a 16GB machine so the number of Virtual machines you can run is quite limited.

(Check also that just because your machine has a 64 bit processor that it CAN run a 64 bit guest VM. The Intel virtualisation must be enabled in the BIOS either explicitly - at boot time or by default. My Laptop doesn't have a BIOS setting for this but it's (luckily) enabled by default).


I am using VMWare Fusion on my Mac. I restarted the install and everything seemed to go fine, I'm running it right now and am surfing the internet on it as we speak. Thanks for the quick help though, I deeply appreciate it.

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