Complicated DVD-reader problem


I've got a LG GSA-4166B, and I was gonna install Battlefield: Bad Company2, but it did not find the disc (neither on my or my dads PC, and both got this DVD-reader/writer so I went into device manager and uninstalled the driver cause I was gonna install the new one I found by googling (GSA-4166B)

However, when I did this I had to restart my PC. What happends now is that I could not shut it down it freeze at "Shutting down"

So I tried unplug the DVD etc, still this error occured. Then I googled this problem and found a solution. However to my current problem - my DVD is showed as "Local Disc: D" in "Computer" Here's a picture:

And in Device manager it says "CD-rom drive" and shows a yellow icon like "Hey, something is missing" ofcourse, driver is missing so I go and update driver and press that I should select manually and now nothing happends, it just continue loading. I also tried doing a system restore, but same here: it just keep loading..

Hope someone can help me. Would be nice to be able to play Battlefield: Bc2 AND have a DVD that actually is working..

Update: I can't reboot PC with the DVD-player plugged in, so now it's unplugged so I can atleast shut down PC correct...


Yes, completly uninstall, which ****ed up the whole computer. However, I managed to do a System Recovery to yesterday by: Unplugging DVD (So it could turn off) and then it worked. So now I got the old driver back, and PC can turn off with the device plugged. However, I tried Cod2 = DVD - game can be read. And now I tried Battlefield: Bad Company2, and that won't be read.

With other words: Back to the original problem which caused all of this.

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