Windows 7 Compound BSOD issue after coolant leak


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Apr 9, 2013
I had an all-in-one liquid cpu cooler leak coolant all over my PC last week, luckily it shut down from overheating when there was no coolant left in the loop. I disassembled my PC, cleaned everything with alcohol and let it dry. Then i bought an air cooler and installed it. After installing the air cooler, for a day my PC was fine, but the next day I started having system hangs where the screen would fragment, sound would loop, but didn't blue screen. It would be stable for about half a day then just today when it happened I got a blue screen.

I then got stuck in a boot loop where I couldn't even post or access my bios. I thought that my cooler may not be making sufficient contact, so I removed the cooler, cleaned the cpu+cooler with alcohol, reapplied some arctic 5, then re-installed it.

I was still stuck in a boot loop that only broke when I pulled the CMOS battery and reset the bios. After doing this, I got several hang ups that gave me my first attached BSOD.

I tried restoring to a point set right after I installed the air cooler the first time and got the same error.

I then decided to delete my RAID0 array and re-create it, then re-install windows. It got to expanding windows files before I got my next attached BSOD.

When I tried to access windows recovery this time, I had my final attached BSOD and I've decided this is much more difficult to solve on my own.

I can't access anything on the drives, so I can't reach minidumps, and after I BSOD, I get thrown back into a boot loop without post or bios access until I reseat the battery on the mobo.

I've had a pretty bad week.


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I get thrown back into a boot loop without post or bios access until I reseat the battery on the mobo.
Remove all add-on cards to ensure that damage to them is not the cause. If the you can't do without the card, then try another (known good) card in it's place.

Flash the BIOS to see if that fixes the problem.

If not, then I'd suggest that it's time for a new mobo.
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