Compressing movie in MPEG to fit DV5 disc


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I have been recording movies from TV in WMC. I have converted some of them to MPEG only to discover that most are too large to fit on a DV5 disc.

I have searched the net and downloaded and tried countless programmes, both free and trial versions and have not achieved a thing. Most refer to compressing from a DVD itself.

Should I have converted to DVD instead?

Can I convert from MPEG to DVD?

Can MPEG be compressed further to achieve my aim? (Most are around 4.5Gb on disc.)

The ones in MPEG I have successfully burned to disc are very high in quality.

My head is spinning at the myriad of programmes out there and what's worse, the amount of different formats there are for film/video/moving picture.

The latest Nero is one many point to and I cannot make head nor tail of how to use it. They have lost the plot in my opinion by simplifying and giving no instructions.

I think I will take the advice of some and that is not to record TV in WMC due to these very problems and use a programme that will record straight into either DVD or MPEG. Whicheve is the easiest to get onto disc.

Any sensible help and preferably simple solutions will be much appreciated. :confused:


Life was so much simpler in the '60's.

You can use a bitrate calculator to figure the greatest average bitrate for any medium, then encode adhering to this. It's best to encode to vbr (variable bitrate) and use what the calulator tells you as the average.

If you need anything else, let us know.

Bitrate Calculator

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