Compute crashing

I'm having a problem windows keeps crashing at random sometimes it will run for 30 mins other times 2 mins.
I suspect it is something to do with the video card I have a sapphire 4850*2 when I install the software for the video card it freezes half way through the process. I've downloaded the latest drivers and that also freezes half way through.I've also tried to uninstall the software same thing happens.

Any help would be great



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could always drop to safe mode to install drivers

Hi I trued to load the drivers in safe mode but it comes up with an error about failed to load the detection manager


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Restart your computer and keep tapping the F8 key until you get to the Advanced Boot Options screen.

Choose Disable Driver Signing Enforcement, then remove the current drivers from Device Manager and try installing the new drivers.

Hi I tried that but all that comes up is the hard drives and the dvd drive


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Sorry for the delayed response,

Are you saying the desktop doesn't fully load?

A quick Google search revealed that this is a common problem not only with Windows 7 bit other operating systems as well.

Do you have the Control Center software installed?

I'm fairly sure control center is installed I'll have to fire up the pc to make sure


Yep control center is there

I ran the uninstaller now it goes into safe mode can I uninstall windows and do a new install its a new pc and has nothing on it yet


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Do you mean you want to do a fresh install of 7? As long as you have the os on some compatible media then just go right ahead. Although you'll probably have to change the boot order so it boots from CD ROM..
If you need any more help just ask..:)

It sounds like the way to go do I have to uninstall the win os that is on the pc at the moment


Just restart the system with the 7 DVD in the drive. Pay close attention to the screen for it to say: "press any key to boot from DVD" press any key.
Select to install windows after the GUI loads and you will be presented with a choice of what partition to install to choose the one you want then choose to "format and install"
This will wipe your drive completely and reinstall windows...... Beware all data on the partition you select will be DESTROYED!


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Yes as texture says keep an eye out for install options as they aren't too obvious and some people have had trouble finding them. You will see options for creating new partitions and formatting, just take your time and you'll be fine..

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