Windows 7 Computer boots slowly and strangely


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May 12, 2009
I just got Windows 7 today, and I really like it. One thing I noticed though is that it doesn't seem to boot faster than Vista, although many reviews said that it did. I did an upgrade from vista to windows 7, so my hard drive was not wiped. Everything loads pretty quickly except for when the PC reaches the Welcome screen. After about 30 seconds of the welcome screen the main desktop comes up, but still loads everything slow. My keyboard displays what % of the CPU is being used, and when the desktop comes up, it drops to about 3-10 %. Why does the CPU slow down so much when it still has to load gadgets and desktop icons. Is there something I can do to improve the boot time? Thanks, and sorry for this huge message.

Oh, and also, Windows Media Player crashes when I try to play a .avi video.
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This is why I always recommend doing a fresh install, rather than an in place upgrade. I installed Windows 7 6801 over Windows Vista, and then did a clean install, and the clean install ran a whole lot faster than the upgraded one.

So my advice, backup and clean install.
Agree completely as do 99% of the regular posters here.

Windows 7 boots about three times faster than my Vista machine.

Truthfully, if you just installed, I'd go back and do the whole thing over again doing a "clean" install.

One thing you need to know is that all your 3rd party applications will have to be re-installed.
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