Computer crashes when I press the "eight" key with shift

You know the button, it looks like a little star right? Well whenever I press it, not going to here, my whole computer gets the blue screen. I think I can press the eight button without shift, but not right now... Don't want to lose this text and open tabs if it does... SO what is the problem? Might just reinstall windows 7, even though I'll lose Dirt 3, ms word, and kaspersky antivirus, all which have to be bought again for a fresh install. What a waste.


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Do you have any special key combinations set up for the * key? If you use the number pad and press * does it crash?

Have you tried reinstalling the keyboard drivers? Have you tried another keyboard?


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If the purchased software was a legal purchase with a product key code, you should be able just to download and reinstall and use same key to activate the software again. I have had to do this on a few occasions myself. Then there has been times when I re-installed my OS and forgot where I placed my key code and just emailed the software company and they sent me a new key code.

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