Computer Crashes When Left Alone

So, I have a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installation on my desktop. It is a fairly new computer, and I know that hardware is not the problem.

I've noticed that when I leave my computer on, whether for a few hours or overnight, when I next see it, it's powered off.

PLEASE do not ask me to look at my power settings. This is not a case of my computer going into sleep mode or hibernation. It is fully off.

When I power it back on, after going through the "Windows was not shut down properly" boot screen and logging in, there is a screen saying that an unexpected error occurred. I didn't think to copy and paste the info here, but I will the next time I see it. It really doesn't have any useful information, other than it was a bluescreen event. The thing is, I'm never at the computer when it happens, so I haven't seen the bsod.

Does anyone know what could be making it crash when left on for a while? I have 4gb of ram, and before this, everything was working fine.

On a side note, interestingly, I had this same problem on another computer that had a x32 installation of Win 7 Ultimate. This makes me sure that it's not a hardware issue.



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I'd be thinking overheated or maybe you need a surge protector

It's a simple bsod issue you're having that we can easily solve. C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy/paste the files in there to any other folder, zip them, then attach the zip to a post. We will have a look for you.

Hello everybody!

I think I am having a similar problem here. If I leave the computer alone for one, two hours or so, I usually find it turned off afterwards.
Upon reboot, I get the option of starting in normal or safe mode, and once Windows is loaded, it tells me that it recovered from a serious crash, but can't tell me what caused it.

Can anyone give me some hints what to look for?

OS is Win 7 Pro x64 SP1 on a Core i7 with 32 GB RAM

The problem started a few weeks ago. No special events, hardware upgrades or new software installations a that time.


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