Computer doesn't recognize my usb.

Anything that I plug into the usb ports isn't recognized on my computer. When I plug something in, my computer doesn't make the usual "bloomp" sound and nothing pops up. When I search for my usb in my computer, it's not there. My computer acts like I didn't plug anything in. Please help!


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Is this something recent and was working before?

If you look at the Device Manager (devmgmt.msc) do your USB devices show as being correctly installed? Does your system have any USB 3.0 ports?

Something to look for in Device Manger is an option to reset a USB device. Sometimes, if you have a card reader and use safe removal to remove the media, is messes up that port and may need to be reset.

It's only started happening this week. Before then everything was working fine.

On the Device Manager, none of the USB devices under Universal Serial Bus Controllers have the little yellow exclamation sign, if that's what you mean by being correctly installed (Sorry - I'm not exactly computer savvy)

How do I reset a USB device in the Device Manager?


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The device would show a problem and allow for a reset with a right click option. Not all devices will have this, and possibly only card reader type devices.

If you run msinfo32.exe, do any devices show up in the problem devices section? I assume you have checked all ports and get the same indication.

If you can't get it working, uninstalling a device and allowing Windows to reinstall it might be an option. There may be a possibility of a damaged port not allowing any of them to function.

Nothing show up in the problem devices section.

I uninstalled all the Universal Serial Bus Controllers and scanned for hardware changes. Everything reinstalled and my USB still doesn't show up.

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