Computer Freeze, no dump file & then difficulty booting back up. No event log, Please HELP!!


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I have been having this problem pretty much since I built the computer (about 10 months ago). Have tried many software tweaks, re-installing drivers, and recently updated all drivers and no success.

I have checked for faults in my hard drives and my ram but no faults. I have not yet resorted to changing hardware but don't really want to unless I know what is causing the problem.

It usually happens when my computer is idle (I disabled sleep function as it would never wake up), if I ever leave it on over night it will almost always crash during the night. It is no specific software that causes it because it has happens when no apps are running and when many are.

When I boot the PC up half the time it will not load the operating system and freeze for ages making me have to do a cold re-start.

Most times there is no error displayed but occasionally there is a BSOD but no .DMP file is created.

My DMP save location is set to another drive than my operating system due to having 12GB of ram with less than that space remaining on my primary SSD with operating system on it. I have recently taken out 8GB of ram and set the dump save location to the main C: but since doing that it still will not create Dump file.

Any ideas of what could be causing it?

Your help is appreciated.

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