Computer Freezes often.. sometimes even bios freezes.. need help (with dump file)

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    Hi everyone..

    Recently my computer freezes often, it can be while playing games, typing something, or just seconds after windows 7 is up or just when i started moving my mouse cursor.

    Sometimes windows itself cannot be started, i had to press the power button to turn off the PC and on again a few times to get windows running.

    virus/malware are no issue and when my pc crash, system restore n other startup diagnostics doesnt work. 1 of the crash had me reformatting my whole hardisk, which is very time consuming.

    sometimes, even the bios itself hang, computer giving error pc speaker sound.

    I am having a hard time here figuring out what could be the problem? is my memory having errors? or some hardware?

    I have this dump file from c:\windows\minidump

    View attachment 092312-19562-01.dmp
    please help me.. thanks..

    hopefully at least i can get some idea what hardware i should replace.. thanks so much.
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