Computer freezes randomly.

Hi, i just built this computer 3 days ago and ever since then I have sometimes got random freezes. It sometimes happens when i start up, downloading something, browsing the internet, or playing a game. I have read lots of forums regarding this problem and they all say the problem is either ram, or my power supply. These are my system specs, Thank you :)

AMD Athlon II X2 3.0ghz (overclocked to 3.6ghz)
Asus M4A785-M motherboard.
Intergrated ATI HD 4200 (overclocked to 800mhz)
4gb of wintec DDR2 800 Ram
Seagate Sata 500gb of hardrive.
Powerlab 480w PSU.

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Im gonna say its your overclock. Try relaxing everything. You might need a bit more vcore to get it stable. You should try prime95, wont tell you whats wrong but will give you an idea of hardware stability. Hows your heat on your CPU? I use realtemp. You put thermal paste between your cooler?

If you think it might be your memory, run memtestx86 for 2 or 3 loops, it will tell you if its bad.

Also, make sure your BIOS on your motherboard is up to date, check its website.

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Well first of all I found what was causing the problem, it was not my overclock and my temperature is good 25-32c and i updated my motherboard bios yesterday.

The thing is that everything is fine if I use 1 stick of my ram, but if i use both at the same time i get the freezes. I tried seperately with both, and they both work fine, but if i use them together i get freezes.

I looked in my motherboard manual and it said that wintec ram is not compatible with it, even tho my motherboard is meant for DDR2 ram the brandname wintec is not on their support list. Is it possible that my ram is incompatible with my motherboard just because of the brandname? or do I have to change something with the ram in BIOS.

thanks :)

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