Computer Freezes with Solid Red Screen. Error 124

Computer Freezes with Solid Red Screen. Error 124 is what windows tells me.

I had posted this on another forum, but nobody there has responded for several days now. So i'm gonna quote what i told them.

I have the same exact problem as the OP has told us about. out of no-where, the screen will turn solid red. It has happened about 5 times already, and started yesterday night shortly after installing my new GTX 680 and Asus Motherboard. Out of those 5 times, I only got a error dump once from windows.

Error code 124. BlueScreenView says it has something to do with NTOSKRNL.EXE. Upon further research, this error is related to Hardware Failure.

I'm a computer technician, do it for a living, so i've done extensive testing on all of my hardware. Memory test were fine after 3 passes. Hard Drive test is fine. Stress test CPU is fine,, Stress test GPU is fine. I can play any game, including Battlefield 3 maxed out, without any problems. The red screen only happens while i'm doing stuff on desktop. So far anyways.....

Just before this started happening i was getting the famous BSOD 116 while gaming (before i bought this new GTX 680 and Asus Rampage III Motherboard). This is usually a problem with thegraphics card or PSU. So i bought a new Motherboard, and Graphics Card. Got the new motherboard since it was on sale and i wanted something that supported USB 3.0 and Sata 6. I had doubts about it being the power supply, since corsair usually makes good ****, and the PSU was only 7 months old. So I just ran with the new mobo and Graphics card to see if my problems would end.

Current Hardware Specs:

  • Intel i7 920 D0 Stepping (no overclocks on anything while trying to debugg this problem)
  • Asus Rampage III Formula 1366 Motherboard (newest bios)
  • Asus GTX 680 DC2O Graphics Card (newest driver)
  • Corsair 6GB DDR3 Ram Tri-Channel CX1600C8XXXX
  • Corsair TX 850 V2 Power Supply
  • Dual Seagate 1TB Drives in RAID 0
  • Maxtor 500GB Hard drive dock connected with e-sata on front ports
  • Dual Screen Monitors. 1 is DVI, the other is VGA connected to GTX 680 via a VGA to DVI Adapter
  • Swiftech Water Cooling Kit. CPU only.

Swapped out the Graphics Card and motherboard yesterday (05/31). Everything ran fine for a few hours. Then out of no-where, my screen turns red while i was checking my email on the desktop. I proceeded to game all night playing DoTA 2 and BF3. No more problems all night.

Today i get up, check email, browse reddit, BAM, Red Screen on both monitors. (it will stay red until i cut the power) the computer does not restart on its own.

After testing everything, i have come to the conclusion that the Power Supply is at fault. I think on the GTX 680 Chipset, the Red screen happens when there is not enough power or there is a TDR Stop error. The GTX 480's and 580's would just throw out a 116 Error Stop when this would happen.

I suggest trying a different power supply before you RMA any hardware. I am ordering a replacement power supply, probably a Corsair TX 850w from amazon with overnight shipping saturday priority. I will post back if this fixed the issue. It may be a few days, because i cannot replicate the problem. It just happens randomly.

Here is the Mini-Dump (Edit: OLD Windows install, Disregard):

Here is a pic of the Red Screen:


Since this post, have replaced the Power Supply. I ordered a Corsair TX 850w V2.

So a quick recap of what i've replaced since i started having problems:

  • Graphics Card: Had GTX 580, Replaced with Asus GTX 680 DC2O (Brand New, from
  • Motherboard: Had Asus Rampage II Extreme; Replaced with Asus Rampage III Formula (Refurbished from
  • Power Supply: Had Corsair TX750 V2 7 months old; Replaced with Corsair TX 850 V2 (Brand New from

Did a clean format 2 days ago since i was afriad that some of the old motherboard drivers were causing this problem. The computer ran fine for 2 days, then i just now got my 1st red screen since format.

I got another Error Dump from windows, Error 124 again.

Here is the 2nd Dump from today (on new windows install):

I'm at a loss. I've tested 5 passes on memory and used SeaTools on the Hard Drives. Both found 0 Errors.

Using latest drivers on everything.

For reference, here is my forum post on another forum.

Please help. Many thanks

EDIT: it looks like lots of ppl with 680's are having this issue. Some say it has something to do with the way certain programs access the Graphics Card Bios to Poll for information such as Temps, Voltages, Fan speed, etc... For some reason, the GTX 680's do things differently than other cards.

Found this thread on EVGA's Forum

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