Computer Freezes with Solid Red Screen. Error 124

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    Computer Freezes with Solid Red Screen. Error 124 is what windows tells me.

    I had posted this on another forum, but nobody there has responded for several days now. So i'm gonna quote what i told them.

    Since this post, have replaced the Power Supply. I ordered a Corsair TX 850w V2.

    So a quick recap of what i've replaced since i started having problems:

    • Graphics Card: Had GTX 580, Replaced with Asus GTX 680 DC2O (Brand New, from
    • Motherboard: Had Asus Rampage II Extreme; Replaced with Asus Rampage III Formula (Refurbished from
    • Power Supply: Had Corsair TX750 V2 7 months old; Replaced with Corsair TX 850 V2 (Brand New from

    Did a clean format 2 days ago since i was afriad that some of the old motherboard drivers were causing this problem. The computer ran fine for 2 days, then i just now got my 1st red screen since format.

    I got another Error Dump from windows, Error 124 again.

    Here is the 2nd Dump from today (on new windows install):

    I'm at a loss. I've tested 5 passes on memory and used SeaTools on the Hard Drives. Both found 0 Errors.

    Using latest drivers on everything.

    For reference, here is my forum post on another forum.

    Please help. Many thanks

    EDIT: it looks like lots of ppl with 680's are having this issue. Some say it has something to do with the way certain programs access the Graphics Card Bios to Poll for information such as Temps, Voltages, Fan speed, etc... For some reason, the GTX 680's do things differently than other cards.

    Found this thread on EVGA's Forum
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