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    Hi all,

    This is getting annoying I have recently built a new computer but it tends to freeze quite frequently I dont get any BSOD or crashes it just freezes. I can still move the mouse but can not open Task Manager I have to due a hard reset. It tends to happens mainly with steam client and steam games I have a SSD as my boot drive but steam and the games are stored on a second hard drive and it is the only stuff on that hardrive. I have a small pagefile on ssd and I put the mian page file on hardrive I have tried the following but it has not helped also there is never an event recorded in the viewer to explain what is happening.

    1. Updated Bios and all Drivers
    2. Reinstalled steam and all games
    3. set all overclocking and tweaks in bios to stock
    4. disabled antivirus
    5. ran Windows Update
    6. cleaned dust from computer
    7. ran ccleaner and the reg cleaner in there
    8. error checked drives and ran memtest

    I have attached a link with my detialed system specs from speccy

    PLEASE HELP it is getting very old hard reseting the computer and it is not good to due that on a regular basis thanks.


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