Windows 7 Computer not responding but mouse still able to move, and a boot problem


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I had this problem with beta build 7077 and now with rc1. If I leave my computer for a while it will stop responding to my mouse clicks and key presses, but my mouse will still move. This used to only happen overnight, but now it's happening sometimes after a few hours. Sometimes if I hit ctrl-alt-del the menu for that will pop up after a while, and if I wait even longer after clicking on the task manager it will sometimes pop up, and then my computer works fine, but many times nothing happens.

I also am having a boot problem, and I'm pretty sure I know what the issue is, but not how to fix it. I have a sata drive partitioned into two drives, with windows 7 and vista installed on them. I also have an IDE data drive. In order for my computer to boot I have to have a windows disc in the drive, and just wait past where it says hit a button to boot from cd. Then I get the boot manager and can boot fine. Vista had a problem where if you had an sata and an IDE drive installed it would put the bootmanager on the IDE drive, and needs the disc in the drive to be able to fix it. I've tried to go into the repair on both windows 7 and vista discs, and it tells me that it is fixing it and restarting, but doesn't actually fix it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to try and help me out.