Computer not treating only user as full admin

So I just reinstalled Windows 7 Professional edition and I have a odd suspicion that the computer is acting like I'm on the only user that is the administrator. For a few programs I was trying to reinstall, it didn't have the usual "allow/deny" message, but an actual message box to enter the Administrator username and password. Is there some sort of settings I can change to give me complete administrator access to my computer that I might not be aware of is blocking me out?

Control Panel-> Action Center -> Change user account control settings -> Never Notify.

Thanks, but I think I need to clarify a bit more. It is more than just "you are installing something, accept/deny?" It actual asked me to enter the Admin username and password, which has never happened before. I just want to make sure my computer knows that as the only user, I am the admin and its not expecting another admin account to allow everything to happen on my comp. Thanks!

Well, actually, under the new setup it doesn't know that. Certain tasks will ask you for an admin name and password.
Yeah I know, stupid, but it is what it is.

Ah, I see. Oh well, thanks!

Ok, now I'm getting something really weird. I'm trying to install something on my computer and I'm specifying that I want to install to the C:\Program Files, but when I do, it says that I can't because the folder is restricted. Looking under the security properties, it shows that Admins and users don't have much control over it. When I try to change my access to it, it says I can't because access is denied. How the hell to I get around this?

You can try Right Clicking on the installer and choose "Run As Administrator"...

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