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I have a annoying problem here.

Im on build 7229. Everythings working great.But when i go onto computer and use a memory card it takes ages to load and slows down explorer. Why is this and why can't i acsess my memory stick.


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Did this occur with the official RC from MS, or did it happen with the newer build?

You could give us more specs on you laptop by going to the manufacturers site or download PC WIZARD 2008

I added all the details to my user cp thingy. Also it happened on the RC aswell. This also is causing the problems i have with shutting down. Because it will cause Explorer to freeze. Then if i close it with task manager the whole thing shuts so the taskbar and any document etc windows close. But i can relaunch via task manager but it then does not let me acsess explorer files. And when i go to shut down it idles at logging off. I have all the up-to-date drivers.


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Since you're dual-booting, I'll assume this was a "clean" install, correct?

Did this occur immediately after install or did you make any major changes to your system or install any software that may have caused this problem to occur?

Did you receive driver updates fro Windows Update?

You might want to take a look under Optional Updates and see if anything other than the language packs is available.

I've had Explorer do the same thing on a couple occasions, but it never crashed all my open programs, just Windows Explorer.

The most recent programs installed are MS office 2010 tp and adobe reader 9.

Also this happened around 3 days after doing a clean install of 7.

I installed all drivers from windows update and i have them all. There are no optional or important ones availible.


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Were you having previous problems that prompted you to perform a re-install?

Yes. Because i accidently deleted it so i couldent boot to it.


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Could you go to Control Panel > Device Manager and look for any entry that has a yellow flag beside it

None have a yellow flag.

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