computer restarts bye itself

oke, i'm kinda new here and not to good in writing english so if i misspell something then i'm sorry ;).

i've searched this forum for an awnser but i couldn't find it so here is my problem.

I installed 2 32 bit versions of windows on 2 of the exact same computers but 1 of 'm keeps restarting itself after i update ore leave it alone for longer then 20 minutes the other one works fine and is now in a netwerk. the problem isn't the motherboard, the ram ore the CPU.
I already installed W7 again but it doesn't work. i checked event viewer and my drivers but everything looked okay... so if anyone has an idea please let me know :-B:frown:


Hello and welcome. You can't really say there is no issue with RAM, since that is one of the main causes of bsods.
You're probably correct though.

We will fix the pc easily and determine exactly things needing to be done or see if RAM is defective.

Please navigate to C:\Windows\Minidump

Copy the files in there to any other folder. Then zip them and attach the zip to a post.

...We shall have a look at your stop errors and repair them.

yeah, i put in new ram when i installed W7 so that's why i sayd so..., i tried to look at the location you sayd but the computer can't find it (probably because i have a dutch version of W7), i went to even viewer and it says this:

Het systeem is opnieuw opgestart zonder eerst correct te worden afgesloten. deze fout is mogelijk veroorzaakt doordat het systeem niet meer reageert of is vastgelopen of doordat de stroom is uitgevallen.
translation: the system has start again without being shut down correctly. this mistake might be caused because the system doesn't react ore has been stuck because the electrisitie has shut down.

p.s. thanks for the quick response

You're welcome.

No, it doesn't have anything to do with language versions.

Yes, the kernel-power event 41 means that your pc experienced a stop error, also known as bsod.

Please follow this post:

Enabling dump files - Windows 7 Forums

Then post the crash dumps after more of the crashes happen.

I can also say straight-away that if you're using a torrented or "found" version of Windows, this may be an issue. Perhaps malware. Recommend to only use official source Windows 7.

yes this is the original W7 version, i'll follow the link you gave me and hope it'll help otherwise i'll post again ^_^

Thanks G, you post didn't really help but i found a link witch containted a link to a link wich had my awnser ^_^ I did some things and every little thing is now alright :) thanks for the help and the link because i don't think i could have found it ( had to switch my hard disk reïnstall W7 :S )

You're quite welcome. It's very likely the issue will return, since something you had in the previous install was causing it to being with. Likely, you'll eventually install the culprit again without knowing or it could be from a driver that needs updating that you weren't aware of.

Best of luck with continued success...but if it goes wrong in any way, we're here to help ya out. :)

Thanks for the rating, it's appreciated.


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so far it work's still so i have no complainings, if it comes back i'll come back aswell (ore i'll stay in the forum for a little while if i can remember it when i am at home :redface:

thanks for the help =D>

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