Computer Start-Up Issues

For some reason 2 days after I bought my new computer my taskbar, desktop, alt+tab, and task manager would freeze 1-2 minutes after start up. The only way I can use my computer now is open like 10 programs and a full screen game then use ctrl+alt+del and press log off that way a force log off button and cancel will appear and I click cancel. Once I click cancel everything works fine. How do I fix this?

The following is the computer I'm using: Pavilion Elite e9230f Desktop PC&cc=ca

Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. ;)

This is an odd problem.. Let's see if we can rectify the situation.. :)

Are you using a special keyboard by any chance? Special as in a gaming keyboard or wireless keyboard? Something that requires you to install drivers in order for it to function properly?

Um nope my keyboard is an ordinary USB keyboard that is plug and use. I've been using this keyboard for around a year on my old computer too.

... 2 weeks and still no reply?

heh its alright jsut started getting annoyed having to do all that stuff everyday to use my comp

yah its a startup issue and in safe mode theres no problems with startup

um on my start menu i dont see run

where could i find it?


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maradrago and Ben:
Sorry for butting in but I think that this would be a good opportunity to tell everyone who might read this how to turn on the "Run" dialog box. So if I may, just right click on taskbar choose properties, go to the Start Menu Tab, choose the customize button, scroll down and check "Run command". I do so like to use it, and actually wish everyone would turn it on. Sorry for the interruption.

@Ben when i did diagnostic it didnt freeze
what should i do? my startup file thing has been empty too

@Trouble no problem and thanks for that tip it was helpful

uhhh whats the start-up and services tab?
also where would i find the "hide microsoft" box?


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Click start click run type msconfig take a look at the attachments

uhh for this do i have to use the diagnostic startup or i can just run it now and send the screenshot?

cause right now when i checked the box has to scroll so when i send i would have like 3-5 screenshots just to show you everything


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If I'm understanding correctly even after you check the box that says hide all microsoft services you still have to scroll to see them all? For startup programs, try using the system information utility and expand software environment and select startup programs see if that helps


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Bad attachments try again, just choose the upload files and that should do it.

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