Computer Will Not Wake From Sleep (it's shutting down instead?)


Athlon 5200+
Asus M2N-SLI delux (nForce 570 AMD SLI board)
nVidia GeForce 275
Windows 7 RTM (7600)

I've tried everything i can think of. Just installed Win7 fresh onto my main machine, but when i send it into sleep mode the entire computer shuts off (is that part of sleep mode?) and no keyboard or mouse activity will wake it up. I have to hit the power button to turn it back on, at which time it fails to start until i hit the restart button. Then it comes on like normal and "resumes" windows back to the state i was at when i went into "sleep" mode.

First off, is the computer suposed to shut down completely and all the fans stop?

Secondly, i've tried playing with all the power settings i could find. I turned on/off hybrid sleep, i tried hibernating instead of sleeping and i even went into the bios and change from S1&S3 to just S1 and just S3 in the power mode (i don't even know what those are) and nothing has worked so far. I've installed the latest motherboard, graphics, and sound drivers that i could find.

Any ideas? Anybody else in my boat?

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Yes it is suppose to turn off (all fans, etc.) What happens is that it stores where you were in RAM which it keeps powered up. When you click the mouse or press the power button, you should come back to where you were.

However, if you pull the plug it will do a normal start next time unless you have hybrid sleep.

In hybrid sleep, the system stores where you were in both RAM and on the hard drive (like hibernate) so that if a power failure occurs you still return to where you were when you entered sleep.

Now, why the mouse does not bring the system out of sleep, I don't know. Mine does. I can also use the power button.


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Check the Advanced Power Options > click change when the computer sleeps.

Nor click the link for Change Advanced Power Settings and there are multitude of options there.

See my attached screen shot. Right-click on it to open in new tab

I can easily turn off sleep completely, but i'd rather not have my 550 Watt power supply sucking juice for hours a day when i walk away to make dinner or to run to the store. And i'd rather not shut my computer off and power it back up every time I leave it.

I also just updated my bios to the most recent version with no luck still. I do have a KVM switcher but I tried it with my keyboard and a mouse plugged directly in and they couldn't bring it out of sleep either. When i hit the power button and it is asleep the computer sounds like it's turning on (all fans turn on and it lights up) but nothing shows up on the monitor.


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Under Power Options > Advanced Power Options did you look over all the items under the sleep section?

What mode is it in now?

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