Computer won't start up after sleep mode

I accidentally clicked sleep mode when shutting down the computer, and now it won't wake up. I can hear the fan running, but nothing is showing up on the screen, nor is the power light on. Help?


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Desktop or laptop. Any documentation available to you from the manufacturer.
Try drumming the spacebar,
escape key
enter key

Tried hitting keyboard and mouse and whatnot. Nothing

Computer is custom built....desktop.


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Have you tried holding the power button until it shuts down? Be advised Data Loss is a possibility, but it seems you system is having problems already.

Yes, tried that.

Actually, I've never had many problems with this computer. No viruses or major issues other than this.


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Well, then unplug it, perhaps that will reset something. If the fans are running, there may be a power supply problem or something else.

Done. And pulled out the ram, and replaced it.

OH! I got a fix! Pulled out the motherboard battery and replaced. It works now.

Thanks for the advice though.

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