Windows 7 configure win 7 to allow vmware network adapters

Discussion in 'Virtualization' started by itvn, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Dec 26, 2009
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    I am using win seven ultimate, have installed vmware workstation 7.
    go to Network and Sharing Center, I see two vmware adapters being identified
    as Unidentified network and No Internet Access in Access Type. These
    are two default vmware adapters, according to I know, one
    (+VMWare Network Adapter VMnet1+) for virtual machines use host-only
    network, another (VMWare Network Adapter VMnet8) for virtual machines using
    the NAT network.
    Addition, the vmware also have a more default adapter(VMWare Network
    Adapter VMnet0) for virtual machines using the bridge network. This
    is the bridge over the host adapter (Local Area Connection), identify
    addresse for virtual machine, it is not in the Network and Sharing Center. I install the guest OS is win XP sp 2, using the bridge bridge.This virtual machine have address in range of (see
    ipconfig command), can ping the, but can not connect to the
    Internet as an Internet ping.

    I guess that problem is related to win 7. Because my bridge machine have DHCP address supplied by modem, I cant ping, it means that packets from is allowed. When i ping,it has identified the address, but respond is request timeout. I guess that win 7 don't allow packets from Internet.

    I tried installing vmware workstation 7 in win xp. I't OK.
    It's the same problem with vmware workstation 6.5.

    Who knows setting up properly? Help me!

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