configuring different OS machines on a network of windows 7

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    hi everyone​

    posting here for the first time and actually installed windows 7 ultimate 64bit on one of my PC's today which had xp 64 bit before this. I tried looking for my question on this forum but cudnt find the right answer
    i have 3 pcs connected via a hub which were working perfectly with each PC having xp 64bit on them.
    today to test windows 7 i installed it one of my pc as second OS. and was trying to configure the network on it. In xp 64 it was very easy to start a network setup wizard , defining the workgroup, and giving IP addresses. Thats it !. first of all as i used windows 7 for the first time i it was difficult to find the network adapter settings but finally i was able to do the TCP/Ip settings v4.0 and i dont know, 2 -3 things i did and i was able to access other PC on my network. but i have a problem here. i had chosen HOMEGROUP as network but later i found out that other systems also need to have windows 7 to be part of the homegroup. now its showing me network as unidentified network but somehow i am able to access the other PC's from this windows 7 machine but other PC's are not able to detect this machine on the network and if i try to access the same machine that has windows 7 by going thru network of the same machine that has windows 7 , i am not able to access it.​

    can anyone please guide thru a simple way to connect these different OS machines thru hub​

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