Configuring IR Blaster


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My Vista Media Centre has worked fine for about a year, -now suddenly the Windows Media Centre Remote doesn't work the TV. I can see the IR blaster flashing infront of the cable (Virgin) set-top-box, but it doesn't change the channels on the set top box. Somehow it has 'forgotten' the set-top remotes infra-red signals.
I have tried to get the Media Centre to 're-learn' the set-top-box remote language. Whilst originally it recognised the remote immediately, -now it says that it doesn't recognise it and you have to try to get it to 'learn' the remote manually. Unfortunately it never does, because it gets stuck on the first stage, ie learning number '1'. I have replaced the batteries (obvious first step) in all the remotes. The remotes work perfectly on thier own direct to their own devices, so I know that they aren't the problem.
How do I get the Media Centre to 're-learn' the Set Top Box remote ??
Please help me.



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Hi! Have you tried to update or replace the remote drivers? Can you use a universal remote? Maybe the box is at fault.