Windows 7 Confirmation needed for my audio settings


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I recently reinstall my windows7 and I just want to ask for aconfirmation that I did everything ok with my realtek and the other sound settings.
First of all this is my motherboard ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P5GC-MX/1333.I have a Genius Active 5.1 home theater surround system and a Microsot HD 3000 LifeCam.

So as I expected my cd with motherboard drivers not being compatible with windows 7 and I was needed to download the realtek driver from realtek official page.On my motherboard manufacturer ( as you can see) page there is only a 2009 realtek driver version available for downloading so in the presence of that advice on realtek page ("Audio drivers available for download from the Realtek website are general drivers for our audio ICs, and may not offer the customizations made by your system/motherboard manufacturer. To be sure you obtain the full features/customizations provided in your original audio product, please download the latest drivers from your system/motherboard manufacturer's website") Im so fk in doubt about what i need..

Also about that HD audio device in device manger I found that it was outdated and I installed a new one from AMD and now is called AMD High Definition device. There are one and the same ? Anyway this is how my device manager looks like Link Removed due to 404 Error About the realtek driver R 2.68 is the one I need right? These are other infos about it from realtek audio manager Link Removed due to 404 ErrorWhat does intricate me are those 2 audio codecs ALC883/ALC662. Anything wrong about having both? Im saying this cause if you look to my motherborad specifications at audio it says Realtek ALC883, 6-CH High-Definition Audio CODEC.And not only for the 2 different codecs but also that on my motherbord audio specs it says ALC883, 6-CH HD audio codec whereas on realtek page I only found a HD audio codec named ALC883 for 8-channel like you can se here Realtek. for 6 channel the is only that ALC 662 Realtek. Do I need the 1st one or do i need both?

Out of the drivers issue, like I said I have that Genius Active 5.1 home theater surround system and a Microsot HD 3000 LifeCam. I need some advice on what shoud I set, what to disable and enable in sound options ( playback and recordind devices) and the proper settings in realtek manager.Fist of all I must say that my audio system is conected to the central jack slot ( the green one) from the back panel.This is the only way in order to have all of my speakers working. I use a splitter ( I dont know how to call that) to converge all the 3 jacks in that central slot. My microsoft hd 3000 lifeCam is conected through a USB also in the back panel.
Now in the playback devices I have the folowing Link Removed due to 404 Error.Should I dissable or enable something? What is the realtek output meant for? Has the same purpose with the AMD HDMI one ( whic you can see is not plugged in) and if so which is preferable?How about my recording devices Link Removed due to 404 Error dont have a mic except the cam mic.Shall I keep this as default and what is that stereo mix?Shall I disable this? or shall I keep it as default comunication device?
On speaker properties>enhancements I see the same options like in realtek manager except that Imediate mode thing.Whats with that? Link Removed due to 404 Error

On realtek manager I choose the 5.1 speaker configuration and I think this is the proper one Link Removed due to 404 Error. What worries me is that like you can see in the picture on the back panel only the green slot is highlighted.Is says "Front speaker out(Speakers)" whereas the other ones : the blue one (rear speaker out)and the pink one( center/subwoofer speaker out )are not. On front panel the headphone and mic in are not highlited either. I tried this day to plug in some headphones ( some MP4 player one lol) into those front slots but I didnt have any sound.What maybe the prob? Again in realtek manger what format should I choose. Mine default setting is 24 bits, 48000HZ ( Studio Quality)
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