confused and new registry backup


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Dear admin
I received a message from Randy but did not know how to reply.
Thank you for your kind understanding about the deletion of my post and the explanation.

Also, I wanted to ask something; there is a new registry backup program out that picks up where xp and ERUNT left off.
I wrote to someone and asked if he could consider making it and he did.
I am an average user so am really happy I too can have an erunt type program. Are we allowed to tell other normal users so they too can use this program?
I did not know if we can cite other sites or if it is a violation.
If allowed, I will give you the name and if not I will not have broken rules.
Thank you


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As you have been a long standing user of the service, there should be no problem explaining the software, for so long as you are not doing so for commercial gain. It's as simple as that. In order to weed out spam, we must put up some road signs to prevent everyone and their co-workers from spamming registry programs, etc. on the site. I am sure mentioning the program and how it has benefited you in some way (without an affiliate link) could be of some benefit to certain individuals. As always, all software is use at your own risk. You could also add it to the Downloads section if you think it is that critical for system use by others.


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Thank you for replying.
I do not know how others can benefit from this program as I do not know how to make refernce to it.
The following was confusing to me = (without an affiliate link).
I do not want to risk losing rights to this forum so will not make any references as to how to find it to play it safe.
Thank you.

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