Confusing Navigational Bar?


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Someone recently pointed out to me that they felt the navigational bar was quite confusing... let us have a look here:


The navbar can be modified to be more user friendly. If anyone has any suggestions on a menu order, or how to better enhance it, or avoid confusion, please let me know.

These changes can be made in roughly minutes to an hour after being planned out.

A better navbar menu could be the key to bringing back the shine we once had. The audience of the masses. The golden age of Windows 7 Forums!

Addendum: For user interest, this is being moved to the Feedback Forum.
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Not sure where to start with it..
The seven main sections are fine, it just seems to be the content under each section (New Posts, Private Messages, FAq, etc) that just seem disorderly.


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I would suggest a rearrangement of the dropdowns, to include, or exclude, some of the functions. There is a hquite significant problem with duplication of menu items.
Quick links.
I do not see the need for "Who is on line". It is available, in the home page, at the bottom.
"Open Contacts". Does that serve a real purpose. I really wonder if it has been used since its inclusion.
"View site leaders" would be better under "Community"
This would empty the Quick links, and make room to include, instead, "FAQ" (And/or "Forum Rules") "Todays posts"; Mark Forums Read"; and "Search/Advanced Search" and, with the inclusion mentioned above, Commiunity could be moved here.
On the upper bar, "What's New" could be removed, as it is duplicated in "New posts"
The "Calendar is superfluous, again, I doubt if it is used?
Apart from the first item, the others, under "Forum Actions", make no sense to me. If they were removed, and Mark Forum(s) read,inserted instead of "Forum Actions". It could then even be placed, also, under "Quick links", but that might also confuse when newbies are trying to find it.
With respect, "My Mood" is a load of rubbish.
"My posts" is not necessary as a top heading. It adds to the clutter. Any habitual users know that this infrequently used option is available in the Profile.
History, but I am glad to see that the huge list under posts has now gone. But it has created one omission. We need a click for today's posts.
"Private Messages" is not required as a bar item.