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It has come to my attention that Windows 7 Forums site owner and senior Administrator Mike has received the MVP Award from Microsoft Corporation for his contribution to the Microsoft Windows community.
Mike is always the first to congratulate and honor other members and staff for any and all such achievements, so I guess, since he's the receipient this time, the responsiblity falls to me, and as such I would like to take this opportunity to just say, congratulations Mike and well deserved.
At the risk of sounding like a paid advertisement, I know this most recent award is an honor for Mike and one that he will hold in high esteem among his many other awards, certifications and achievements but for me and I hope many of the rest of you, his single crowning achievement is and will always be this site, to which he selflessly dedicates himself and his time to provide us with a community where we can all come together and help one another. So I hope others will help me congratulate and thank Mike for a job very well done.


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Congratulations and well done Mike.

Congratulations, Mike.


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Being awarded on the date it is, I first thought I was the object of an April Fool prank when invited to accept the award but since discovering its nature and what it represents I have come to regard it as on of my most valued possessions. From what I have discerned of Mike, not only do I think it very well deserved, I also am convinced his perception of the award will be be similar to mine. Congratulations Mike.


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gratz mike , well earned :fdance:


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I must ad my congrats as well . I am sorry for the tardy reply to this thread . I just knew Mike would get the MVP award .
So convinced was I that Mike would get the award I forgot to ad my congrats Great news and well deserved award . :)


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I can't think of a more deserving candidate, Mike :)

Your dedication to the site and overall professionalism and knowledge haven't gone unnoticed!

CONGRATULATIONS - from the entire staff :D

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Congrats Mike .... Welcome to Secret Club ... I'll teach you the secret hand shake ;)


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Well well, look at you with your shinny new badge of honor. Yes indeed, congratulations.


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Thank you, everyone. I wish the best to everyone who has achieved this award and all of those who have no awards and have helped users just the same. It is our members and community that make the site possible (and me pushing the panic button when things go wrong!). Thanks again.


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Congrats!!! You need to make a new achievement icon to add to your stat :) Keep up the good work!

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