Connect 2 laptops with crossover cable


So I bought a crossover cable just to connect two laptops. Like, a network. Mine is running on windows 7 and the other laptop is running on Vista. So I configured both laptops to be in the same workgroup (left the homegroup in win7) and configured both NIC's to have an IP in the same class - one of them is and the other one is and subnet masks are the same Now, I should be able to ping each of the laptops. But it pings only from Vista ( to Win7 ( and not the other way. Network window in win7 shows some computers in the different network, but in the same building, but does not show the laptop connected with the crossover cable. Network window in win vista does not show any computers. Both computers have some shared folders (for users Guest and Everyone).

I would really like to know what am I doing wrong, and how do I connect these two computers so I could easily transfer some files?

Thanks in advance.

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