Connect to shared Windows Vista drive

I recently decided to try upgrading my XP machine to Windows 7, and everything seems to work fine except one thing.

I used to share a partition of my Vista notebooks HD, and I just had to set permission for the XP user on the vista drive and I could access the laptop HD partition without any issues.

Now, with windows 7:

My Vista notebook can' add the Win7 desktop to the list of permissions(it can see the computer when mapping the entire net work).
My Win 7 desktop can't seem to see the network drive either.

I've turned everything "on" as far as advanced sharing center is concerned(Network discovery, printer/file sharing, Public folder sharing)

But I don't seem to be able to add the Vista Partition as a network drive as I used to with XP, can anyone help?


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Hello and welcome,

We all agree that the upgrade route is not the way to go.

A fresh "clean" install does not leave hundreds of old useless files left behind that can cause conflicts.

Are you using the Homegroup feature?

I did not mean that I actually *upgraded* with win7, just that it was an upgrade in terms of OS(would it even be possible, win7 64-bit over winXP 32-bit?)

Homegroup does not really seem to be what I am aiming for, and the laptop which has the partition that I need access to runs on Vista.

Ah, I was suddenly able to access the partition from the network map, before clicking my laptop computer did not work at all, oddly I was not asked to put in a password at all..?

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