Connected but can't do anything online

I recently upgraded from Vista x64 to Windows 7 x64. When I look at my internet connection, it says I am connected. But when I try opening firefox it just sits there with a blank screen no matter what site I go to. When I try internet explorer, it says it cannot display the webpage. When I try logging into Msn, it gives me a troubleshooting error.Error 80072ee7 to be exact. I tried turning off my firewall, didn't do anything. Tried disabling the Local Area Connection and re-enabling it. It didn't work. I also tried turning off my Router and Modem for a minute or two then turning them back on. Didn't work. I tried repairing the connection. It says it doesn't detect anything wrong with it. I think I have to install the drivers for my Modem/Router/Both. I tried putting the CD's in and the Router asks me for the password to it. I put in my password and it just keeps asking me for it. I know that it's the right password because I just tried it on this computer and it let me get on. When I try installing the Modem, I put the cd in, hit install, and then nothing happens after that. Help will be GREATLY appreciated.

EDIT:NOTE: The internet worked fine before I upgraded to Windows 7.

EDIT:Haha, I can't believe I never tried this before, but I just tried opening the internet with Internet Explorer x64 and I can browse the internet. But that's it. Firefox and Windows Live Messenger still don't work. And I don't think any other thing that uses the internet such as online games work either.

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